Hopton Holiday Village gets 5 Stars from Visit England

Congratulations to everyone at Haven Hopton Holiday Village!

Not only did you win the ‘Park of the Year’ award again but you have now been awarded 5 star status again by Visit England.  These are both amazing achievements and will help guests to book with confidence; knowing they will be arriving to a wonderful park that goes above and beyond to make the holidaymaker’s experience second to none.

As an owner, we get to see some of the work that goes on behind the scenes during the winter months and the continual improvements that are being made in certain areas of the park.  Last year saw the renovation of Lytham’s gardens (although I personally miss the landscaping and hope the grounds team get replanting soon) and the creation of the nature walk that has allowed for more Nature Rockz activities to be held.  This year, during close down, there will be new toilets in the Showbar and the rest of the caravans on Southreach will be having tarmac driveways installed.  I hope they put driveways in across the park in the future.  Finally, there is a new area being created on Mentmore to house more caravans – more details to follow.

Keep up the great work everyone!