Static Caravan Marketing, Booking and Rental Management Services

If you’re a static caravan owner at Haven’s Hopton Holiday Village and wish to rent privately but don’t have the time or marketing skills to optimise rentals, Caravan Holidays Hopton offer affordable, no risk marketing, booking and rental management services.

As owners ourselves, we know how much time and effort it takes to market holidays effectively and attract the right type of customer throughout the season. That’s why we offer a comprehensive booking and rental management service to fellow owners with immaculate, well maintained and well equipped caravans, regardless of age.

We offer two levels of service.  Package 1 is the marketing only package and package 2 is a full marketing and booking management service. Here’s a quick comparison of what’s included:

Static caravan marketing and rental management service at Haven Hopton Holiday Village

Packages Available

With Haven changing their owner rental rules for the 2017 season, many owners are now opting for one of these services to secure guest rentals without being tied into giving up specific weeks.

Marketing and Rental Management Package

£5000per booking
  • Creating a SEO optimised web page
  • Staging the caravan for rental photographs
  • Taking internal and external digital photographs
  • Recording the inventory
  • Preparing the accommodation listing
  • Researching seasonal prices for your caravan’s grade
  • Promoting across social media
  • Listing on multiple rental websites
  • Handling your keys
  • Meeting and greeting guests on arrival 
  • Handling all Enquiries
  • Coordinating multiple rental bookings
  • Conducting online searches
  • Obtaining booking details
  • Managing your booking calendar
  • Linking to a spreadsheet that tracks bookings and earnings 
  • Providing an online booking system
  • Advertising your own rental dates
  • Full booking management; deposits, balance, reminders
  • Completing all booking administration
  • Securely processing payments
  • Participating in guest monitoring and intelligence schemes/groups
  • Requesting additional guest information
  • Liaising with the cleaning contractors
  • Paying your cleaner from the balance
  • Sending a welcome message on day of arrival
  • Following up with guests for feedback
  • Encouraging repeat bookings
  • Granting use of our T&Cs
  • Supplying a guest information/welcome poster
  • Providing a range of bookable items
  • Placing business cards in your caravan
  • Supplying ‘for hire’ window stickers
  • Supplying a branded key fob
  • Supplying a branded umbrella and cool bag (coming soon)
  • Offering to supply a torch, first aid kit, fire blanket and sewing kit, if required
  • Providing a guests’ comment book
  • Providing a comprehensive guest information pack
  • Transferring balances to your account
  • Taking and refunding security bonds
  • Writing blog posts and newsletters
  • Providing toiletries for a replenish system
  • Providing store cupboard basics for a replenish system
  • Supplying hand towels and tea towels (if required)
  • Installing keysafes and security features (item charge applies) 
  • Putting up signage in the caravan
  • 24-hour contact numbers for owners and guests
  • Dealing with guests’ out of hours requests
  • Welcome Information for guests on arrival 
  • Inclusion in our loyalty and referral scheme 

Marketing Only Package

£3500per booking
  • Creating a SEO optimised web page
  • Taking internal and external digital photographs
  • Preparing an accommodation listing
  • Researching seasonal rental prices for your caravan grade
  • Promoting across social media
  • Advertising online and offline
  • Handling all enquiries
  • Taking the initial £75 deposit
  • Transferring the initial deposit to you, less marketing fee
  • Notifying you of all guest booking details to manage your own rentals
  • Placing business cards in your caravan
  • Supplying  ‘For Hire’ window stickers

Set up Fee

We do not charge a set up fee.
Set up includes photographs, listings, inventory, information pack, guest book, booking forms, branded cards, keyring and window sticker.

Rental Periods

You can rent out your caravan as much or as little as you like to suit your needs. All we ask is that you let us know which weeks you’d like us to market for you as early as possible in the season.

You can rent 3, 4, 5, 6 or 7 night stays with changeovers on Mondays, Fridays and Saturdays in peak season and from 2 nights in low season with more flexible changeover days to optimise bookings.

If you decide you want to add or remove letting periods further down the line, you just have to let us know so we can adjust your availability calendar accordingly. There are no Haven-style buy back fees or giving 6 weeks notice for wanting to stay in your own caravan. If it’s available, you’re welcome to use it.  Just let us know so we can ensure its ready and don’t take any last minute bookings.

However, if a previously agreed rental week has been booked, we do insist you honour the booking to avoid guest disappointment. Our business and reputation is built on repeat bookings, referrals and guest satisfaction.


Every van should be equipped with the standard Haven inventory at the very least. Preferably, owners will go the extra mile to equip their caravan with extra touches to make a guest’s stay as comfortable as possible. We have a list of inexpensive extras you may wish to consider including, basics such as a first aid kit, torch, umbrella and a sewing kit often come in very handy to holidaymakers.

Whilst a home-from-home environment is appreciated by (most) guests, sometimes accidents do happen or things go walkabout. As such, we recommend you don’t accessorise using sentimental or high value items.

As part of the full management package, we take a £75 security bond, proof of ID from each guest and use a guest monitoring programme. £75 covers most eventualities, which is refundable following inspection. If you opt for the marketing only service, this will be down to the you to obtain from the guest.

Working Together

We aim to create a network of holiday home owners keen to maximise occupancy throughout the rental season; providing luxury accommodation to holidaymakers that generate referrals and repeat bookings. With multiple static caravans available, we can cater for all budgets and accommodate larger families and groups of friends looking for several caravans.

Collaboration, not competition is our ethos.


We manage several successful websites and another online business. This means we have years of marketing and online promotion experience; giving you back your time to relax, whilst bookings are sought, taken and fully managed on your behalf.

We all have to cover our ever-increasing pitch fees so all properties are marketed equally to the best of our ability both online and offline. We will create a dedicated page on our website for your property listing, with a direct booking link to take deposits that are subject to strict terms and conditions of booking.

We are also very active on social networking sites, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google+, posting frequently and networking with new contacts and potential renters all the time; keeping them up-to-date with special offers, competitions and general news and reviews regarding holidaying at Haven’s Hopton Holiday Village.

In addition, we will be writing regular blog posts and sending monthly newsletters to people who contact us and sign up for updates on the website.  This is a perfect opportunity for you to share your news and reviews, extend details of special offers and availability.

Maximising Rental Opportunity

In order to maximise rental interest, we do recommend that your caravan is dressed prior to photographs being taken and we can help you to stage the caravan, if required.  Staging can be done using your existing furnishings and accessories or we will be pleased to work with a budget you set. We use a professional DSLR camera, wide angle lens and off camera flash to capture the best images.


We are members of the National Association of Caravan Owners.

Contact Us

If you’d like more information or to list your caravan on our website, please contact Claire.