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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions about staying at Haven Hopton Holiday Village?  It’s really important that all of our guests have an enjoyable time here on park so if at any point you have any questions, queries or concerns, please Buy 100Mg Tramadol Online with us.  We are available by telephone, email or live messenger.

How Much is the Deposit?

We take a deposit of £50 at point of booking to secure your holiday dates. You can book your holiday online or over the telephone. The £50 deposit makes up part of your holiday cost and is non-refundable.  We are unable to reserve dates without a deposit.

When is the Balance Due?

The balance of your holiday is due 60 days before you are due to arrive. If we hold your card details on file, we will process the balance payment on or just after its due date if it hasn’t been paid. If your card details are invalid, we will contact you.  Please ensure you pay promptly to avoid cancellation.

How do I Pay for Late Deals?

Late deals (less than 60 days before your holiday) will need to be paid in full at point of booking, including the £75 security bond.  Payments can be made by card or bank transfer.

How can I Pay?

You can pay for your holiday using a debit or credit card via our online system or over the telephone. Alternatively, you can pay by bank transfer.  Please contact us for the bank details.

Can I Pay in Instalments?

Yes, you can pay in instalments providing the holiday balance is settled in full, including the security bond and any extras reserved, 60 days before your holiday.  You can opt to pay set monthly amounts or because we know some months are more expensive than others, you can determine what you can pay when and we will set it up on the system.  The payment links will be sent to you via email; just click the link and follow the on-screen instructions.

What is the Security Bond?

All of our caravans are privately owned holiday homes.  Because you will be staying in an owner‘s property, it is industry practice to hold a security bond to insure against damage or loss.  Please ensure you take good care of the holiday home during your stay to get your £75 bond back.  If you leave the caravan untidy, if anything is damaged or missing, bedding is soiled or any of our T&Cs are breached, you will forfeit the bond.

What are the Check in/out Days?

Check in/out days are Mondays and Fridays when we have park representatives on hand to check you in and out, and our housekeeping teams available to prepare your caravan.  In low season, selected caravans do allow 2 night weekend stays with the option to pay £35 to check out at 6pm on Sunday.

Do you Have Minimum Stays?

Yes.  During peak times, our minimum stay is 3 nights over the weekend and 4 nights Monday to Friday.  Some of the caravans do have a minimum stay of 7 nights.  Selected caravans will allow 2 night weekend stays in low season, subject to self check-out using a key safe.

Are Passes Included?

Sorry, no they are not included.  Passes are issued by Haven and we cannot include FunWorks Tramadol Purchase Online Legally on private holiday rentals. However, the passes you need to access the pool and entertainment complex can be purchased directly from Haven on arrival.  Just pop over to Haven’s holiday reception and the staff will be able to assist you with passes.

What is the Capped Rate?

The capped rate is intended for families renting caravans with maximum occupancy whereby all guests will require a pass.  The capped rate is the absolute maximum you will pay for Funworks entertainment passes.  Calculate what you will spend as a party on passess individually and if this exceeds the capped rate, opt for the capped rate pass. Otherwise, it will be more cost effective to purchase individually priced passes.

Is Linen Included?

Yes, our caravan holidays include beds made up on arrival*.  Please let us know how many people will be staying in the caravan at least a week before you arrive so we can ensure the correct beds are made up for your arrival.  If linen or bedding is soiled during your stay, please let us know right away. *exclusions apply to some special offers.

Are Towels Included?

We do not include bath/shower towels or bath mats in the price of your holiday.  Some owners do place a hand towel in the main bathroom and also leave a tea towel in the kitchen for your use.  If you would like clarification, please contact us before your stay.

Are the Caravans Pet Friendly?

We have a selection of designated Online Tramadol Australiaavailable to hire on park from deluxe to platinum grade.  Just because you have dogs, doesn’t mean basic.  Dog friendly caravans are indicated on their specific listing and can be easily identified when booking by the paw print logo on the photograph and it will also say ‘pet friendly’ as opposed to ‘no dogs’ in the title. We accept 2 well-behaved dogs per caravan and dogs are not permitted on the sofas or beds.  Please bring a dog crate, if needed. Dogs must be kept on a lead on the park and please pick up all dog foul.

How Many Do Caravans Sleep?

A 4 berth caravan will sleep 4 people, plus a travel cot in a large double bedroom and a twin room.  A 6 berth caravan will sleep 6 people in a double room, a twin room and the pull-out bed in the lounge; bedrooms in 2 bedroom caravans are generally more spacious and have en-suites.  However, we do have some 3 bedroom caravans that only let as 6 berth using the bedrooms only (no pull-out bed).  A 8 berth caravan will sleep 8 people in a double room, two twin rooms and a pull-out bed in the lounge.  Please check the berth before you book as occupancy must not be exceeded.

What if I Need Housekeeping?

We use teams of independant professional cleaners to prepare your caravan before you arrive.  They will clean the caravan and make the beds up for you.  Problems are very rare but if for any reason you experience any issues on arrival, please let us know straight away so one of the team can come over to assist you.  All issues and complaints must be notified to us during your stay to afford us the opportunity to address matters.  We want to put things right but bear in mind things such as ants are a force of nature that we have no control over.  Please telephone us on: 01502 456004.

What if our Gas Runs Out?

Much of Hopton Holiday Village is still on bottled gas but caravans on Golf Village are on mains gas.  Unfortunately, there is no way for us to gauge when each bottle will expire.  If your gas does run out and you have no heating or hot water during your stay, please telephone 01502 456004 and a replacement will be ordered directly from Haven on your behalf.  If you run out of gas or your electric trips after 7pm, please telephone: 07899 938599. The on-site security/maintenance team work 24 hours, please bear with them whilst they complete job requests in order of call out.

What Time is Check In?

Check in is between 3pm and 6pm on day of arrival. On peak dates and busy days, we are unable to accomodate early check in requests.  If you know you will arrive later than 6pm, please select the late check in box at point of booking. Please do not try to check in at Haven reception as they will have no record of your booking.  A booking with us is classed as a private booking and a member of our team will issue you with a unique key safe code at 3pm. You will find contact details of your park representative on your booking confirmation.

What Time is Check Out?

Check out is strictly 10am sharp.  We do not offer late check out during peak season because it is important the next guest can begin their holiday on time.  You will be issued with check out instructions specific to your caravan before you arrive.  Please return your key securely in the key safe on departure where a code has been issued. Where no key safe is installed, please telephone your park representative. Please do not take your keys to Haven reception as it is not one of their fleet vans and it causes significant delays for the next guest.

What are the Caravan Grades?

Wherever possible, we try to grade caravans according to Haven’s check list to avoid confusion.  A more basic model is a Deluxe grade, a mid-range model is a Prestige and a top of the range model is a platinum grade caravan.  We also have some lodges which are the very best type of accomodation to rent at Hopton Holiday Village.

Is the Security Bond Refunded?

Where no issues have occured, the security bond is automatically refunded to the card used to pay for the holiday.  Security bond refunds are authorised via our booking system within 14 days of departure.  Refunds may take up to 7 days after processing to show on your account while our booking system and your bank communicate.

Do you Offer a Loyalty Discount?

Yes, we do.  On departure, the holiday home will be inspected.  If you leave your holiday home clean and tidy with no damage, nothing missing and with no T&Cs breached, the bins empty and heating/lighting off, you will qualify. Please contact us for your return discount code for bookings of 4 or more nights made within 12 months of departure.  This code cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer or discount code and the booking will need to be made directly with us and is not valid on a third party platform

Do you Have a Brochure?

No, we don’t have a glossy information brochure as most people have access to the internet these days.  If you navigate our website, you will find lots of useful information about the park, pass prices, entertainment and local attractions.  If you cannot find what you’re looking for, please contact us. You will also be issued with an information pack link after booking, which has lots of useful information in it for holidaymakers. Please take a few minutes to read it on arrival.

Are Refreshments in the Caravan?

Some of our owners provide guests with an amount of tea, coffee and sugar so you can enjoy a cuppa on arrival.  The on site shop sells milk and a wide range of basics and other grocery items.  We operate on a replenish basis so if you use the last of something, please replace it before you leave.

Are Cleaning Products Included?

Some of our owners provide guests with cleaning basics such as washing up liquid and kitchen spray. We kindly ask you to keep the caravan clean during your stay and leave it as found on departure.  We operate on a replenish basis so if you use the last of something, please replace it before you leave.

Do you Have any Other Questions?

If you have any other questions or require clarification, please Buy 100Mg Tramadol Online with us.  We would be pleased to speak to you over the phone, via email or live messenger.
Telephone: 01502 456004
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