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caravans for sale at Haven Hopton Holiday Village | Sold on Haven | buy a holiday home

With lots of caravans for sale at Haven Hopton, you can buy the perfect caravan and live the dream! The dream of escaping to your own seaside retreat can become an affordable reality, particularly if you privately rent it too to help cover the costs.

There are plenty of stunning static caravans for sale at Haven Hopton.  With such a wide variety of new and pre-owned holiday homes to choose from, there’s something to suit every taste and budget here at the award winning Hopton Holiday Village.

If you have specific requirements, let us know and we will try to help you find your ideal holiday home.

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Cheapest Tramadol Online Uk, Buy Cheap Tramadol With Mastercard

We are pleased to offer this selection of beautifully presented 2 and 3 bed pre-owned caravans for sale at Haven’s Hopton Holiday Village.

2015 Pemberton Park Lane 42×14 – 3 Bed / 8 Berth

Currently sited on a very sought after plot in Woburn on the Golf Village. Also included is the wrap-around decking which extends 3′ to the side and 6′ at the back overlooking the Golf Course, with plenty of room for a table and chairs.

The Kitchen: The black gloss kitchen looks rich and inviting coupled with the walnut wood which adds warmth throughout. The integrated cooker, microwave and fridge freezer are kept separate from the main kitchen which creates extensive space for storage, food preparation and a breakfast bar with two stools. This 3 bedroom model has a utility room which houses a washer/dryer that comes as standard with the Park Lane. This has been incorporated without compromising on the space or layout of this very popular holiday home.
The Lounge: The new sofa and armchairs are luxurious and you can sink into them and admire the vista through the large patio doors. On colder evenings you can cosy up and put on your Optimist fire to create a really relaxing atmosphere.
The Bedrooms: The master, second and third bedrooms are impeccably well appointed. The second and third bedrooms have twin beds. There is plenty of wardrobe space throughout.
Bathrooms: The main bathroom is large and incorporates a double length shower. There is also a main bedroom ensuite shower room, also with double length shower.

£49,000 (excluding site fees)

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*SOLD* 2014 Swift Bordeaux 40×12 – 3 Bed / 8 Berth (Rear Storage)

Situated on conifer court with a view over raised pond in very sunny,quite,beautiful position.We are 2 min walk to complex, shop. Beach is 5 minute walk.  The caravan has central heating and double glazed so very cosy.  It also has a deck to front with a gate and steps and steps to main door leading on to a large patio.  It’s a 3 bed, sleeps 8 with space to fit a travel cot in main bedroom. 1x double with dressing table, double wardrobe,TV and en-suite toilet and sink. 2x twin rooms with wardrobes & TV.  The lounge has free standing sofas, coffee table with footstools, electric fire, flat screen TV, DVD, Xbox 360 with games and built in Bluetooth speakers with radio. The kitchen has a free standing table which chairs and equipped with kettle, toaster, microwave, built in fridge/freezer. The bathroom has a large shower with power shower.

Site fees are around £5,600 per annum.

Owner has  a few bookings for 2019 summer holidays but if you don’t wish to rent out then they can pass them on to other owners.

£21,000 (excluding site fees)

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2011 Willerby Vogue Conniseur 42×13 – 3 Bed / 8 Berth

Located on a picturesque good sized pitch – Wentworth 9, which is situated on the exclusive golf village area of Hopton Holiday Village.  Close to the golf course and lakes, this stunning 3 bedroom holiday home is being sold complete with its front veranda and side decking too. 

£35,000 (excluding site fees)

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2014 Swift Soleil – 3 Bed / 8 Berth

Located on a lovely pitch in the Golf Village area of the park with an allocated parking space.  Double glazing and central heating with double bedroom, two twin rooms and a pull out sofa bed in the lounge, bathroom and additional WC.

£18,000 (excluding site fees)

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*SOLD* 2014 Willerby Bluebird Caprice 37×13 – 3 Bed / 8 Berth

Located on a lovely quiet pitch with an enclosed front decking overlooking a central green garden area shared with 7 other caravans. Allocated parking space.  Double glazing and central heating with double bedroom with ensuite, two twin rooms and a pull out sofa bed in the lounge.  Great rental opportunity – this caravan covers its costs with rentals and repeat bookers.  9 bookings already secured for the 2019 season which you can take on or if you do not wish to rent, the owner will re-allocate.

£22,000 (excluding site fees)

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Cheapest Tramadol Online Uk, Buy Cheap Tramadol With Mastercard

Simply stunning! This is a 2 bedroom prestige graded caravan with front decking situated in Sunningdale at Hopton Holiday Village. In a peaceful location close to the golf course, this is an idyllic retreat.

£29,000 (excluding site fees)

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 3 Bed / 8 Berth Atlas Sahara Super

Fantastic condition throughout, lovingly renovated to a high standard.  3 bedrooms and a pull out sofa bed in the lounge. Double glazing, laminate flooring. Close to the beach.

£13,000 (excluding site fees)

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Being an Owner

When you buy a caravan at Haven Hopton you become one of the family, quickly building a strong community of friends among your neighbours, other owners you meet on site, at owners’ events and via the dedicated park Facebook pages.  It’s a great lifestyle, knowing you can retreat to the seaside when you want to and unwind, relax and have fun!

Haven Hopton Holiday Village is a 5 star holiday park with its own private beach, a 9 hole par 3 golf course and a host of entertainment and activities on your doorstep. Enjoy the peace and tranquility in you own caravan, selecting a caravan on a pitch nestled alongside beautifully landscaped gardens, in an area abundant in trees, perhaps near a fountain or play park. Or, how about right by the beach? The sales team will know which privately owned caravans are for sale. One could soon become your new home from home.

As an owner, you’ll be invited to owner only events and get an calendar outlining when the events are running. There’s everything from parties, wine clubs, ladies’ nights, day trips, Christmas dinner and much more!

You will also receive 10 Privilege cards, which grant you entry to all areas of the park and the exclusive owners’ lounge, half price sports and leisure activities, 15% off park purchases and entry to the owners’ gym too.  Each privilege cards allows you to sign in 6 guests so you can invite your friends and family!

Exclusively for Owners

  • Your Own Holiday Home
  • Owner Events
  • Owner Community
  • Priviledge Cards
  • 15% Discount
  • 1/2 Price Activities
  • Owners’ Lounge
  • Owner Only Gym
  • Owner Only Swim Sessions
  • Owner Golf Tournaments

Let’s Talk Numbers

Cheapest Tramadol Online Uk, Buy Cheap Tramadol With Mastercard

With a wide range of caravans available from entry level models to luxury lodges, there’s something to suit everyone’s budget. Privately owned caravans can be bought for as little as £10k so it’s easy and affordable to buy a caravan at Haven Hopton.  The first step is to take a look at what’s on offer both on the showground and what’s on the pre-loved sales list which is on display in the sales office window.  Some of the pre-loved caravans are also advertised on our website.  Buying privately, you can save quite a bit of money on the caravan itself but your ground rent will be slightly higher.  You need to weigh up what works best for you before you begin your adventure in to holiday home owership here on park.

Holiday Home Lettings

You can help to offset the cost of buying a caravan at Hopton by opting toTramadol Ohne Rezept Online to holidaymakers during the season.  You can do this yourself or use an agent, or a combination of the two.  Haven also have their own letting service.  With us, letting can be for a little or a much as you like because it’s important you get to use your holiday home too.  We are very flexible and would be pleased to discuss your individual requirements and provide you with our lettings pack.  When you’ve decided to go ahead, just let us know which dates you want us to let for you and Order Tramadol From Mexico to guests.

The Costs of Ownership

It’s really important to go in to ownership with your eyes wide open and understand what all the costs involved are so we’ll openly share how much it will cost a year on average.  So, here goes!

Annual Costs include:

Ground Rent: £4.5k – £7.5k (depending where your pitch is)
Insurance: £200-300
Utilities: £400
Rates: £221
Water: £440

Drain Down: £25 (not via Haven)
Gas Checks: £25 (not via Haven)
PAT Testing: £25 (not via Haven)
External Clean: £35 (not via Haven)

If you Online Tramadol Overnight Delivery for part of the season, your costs will become even more affordable!

Free Advertising for Owners

If you are an owner at Hopton Holiday Village looking to sell* your cherished holiday home, we will happily list it on our website for you if you Tramadol Pet Meds Online with images, price (excluding site fees), pitch area and a description.  There is no charge for listing, it’s completely free to post for sale adverts on our website.
*Rules are rules: All sales must be conducted via the Haven sales office as per your documentation with their commission payable and you must have it formally registered for sale with Haven.