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Garden House Restaurant at Haven Hopton Holiday Village
Garden House Restaurant at Haven Hopton Holiday Village

Have you been to the Garden House Restaurant?

The Garden House restaurant is Haven’s on-park eatery that offers a wide range of traditional pub-style food to holidaymakers and holiday home owners throughout the season.  They offer breakfast, lunch and dinner, seven days a week with a children’s menu for our younger guests and a popular carvery on a Sunday.  There are also themed food nights and early bird offers too so be sure to take a look on the black board as you walk in.

The Garden House restaurant has a nice atmosphere; it is spacious with a selection of tables for large and small parties inside, and an outside terrace for alfresco dinning on warmer days. The terrace overlooks the outside activity area, play park and mini golf and is a popular spot for families to relax whilst the children play.

There is also a smaller, separate outside dining area at the front, which welcomes holidaymakers with dogs.

For the kids, regular character breakfasts are held – please check the event’s diary.  Breakfast with the Seaside Squad is the perfect way to start to their day.

If you’re a sporting lover, there are a number of screens dotted around the Garden House so you can watch a match or catch up with the latest cricket scores whilst enjoying something delicious and maybe a little libation too!

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